Our Puppies


Maddie is our "first born."  I received her as a present from my dad in September of 2002.  She is so very tiny and for the first two years, I swear, she didn't even know she had legs!  She weighs 4 pounds (5 if she eats a lot).  She is bossy and intolerant.  She is not child friendly and has issues with Maisy cramping her style as well.  When she wants something she will whine at you and stamp her feet until she gets her way.  She is also our resident escape artist and seems to be able to defeat any baby gate that stands in her way.  She is definately a true lap dog!


I got Maisy in July of 2006 so that Maddie wouldn't be lonely once I started working.  Little did I know how much they would dislike each other!  Maisy is 7 pounds of solid muscle and has the sweetest "teddy bear" eyes you've ever seen.  She has been a daddy's girl for a long time, but has recently become my cuddle buddy and foot warmer.  She loves to ride on Gavin's shoulder like a parrot and howl when he sings Miley Cyrus.  In the morning she loves to "nuzzle" us with her nose until we give her a good rub.


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