Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prayer Request

Our friends Amber and Justin were due with a little girl on Dec. 20. Amber went to the doctor for a scheduled checkup yesterday and was diagnosed with preclampsia. Her blood pressure was so high and she had so much protein in her urine that they immediately took her to the hospital. Addison Elizabeth Shepherd was born last night at 7:34, weighing just 3 lbs. 14 oz. and measuring 16 in. long. As of now, she is stable, but her breathing is shallow. Amber is in isolated recovery until tonight. Her blood pressure dropped to a deadly rate when they took Addison, but then rose to a normal rate soon after. Amber is doing well, but having a hard time being away from her baby girl, who is still tiny and underdeveloped. So, would you please pray for Baby Addison and Amber?


  1. I heard about Amber delivery early when I went to go visit Karsyn Cooper (Cameron and McKenzie's baby.) I hope they are both doing well today. Keep me posted.

  2. Tell Amber & Justin (& baby Addison) that I'll be thinking of them. Girls are strong...if we all hope hard enough surely good things will happen.



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