Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Day

It's always hard to spend time with families during the holidays. Especially since both my and Gavin's parents are divorced. That's 4 different families to celebrate the holidays with! We had a very busy Thanksgiving Day this Thursday. First, we woke up early to visit my grandparents with my mom and George. My grandparents live in Geneva, AL, but meet us at their farm each year to celebrate so it's not such a long ride for us. Their farm is in Texasville and if you've heard of it- I'm surprised! We spent the majority of the day there and stuffed our faces like most people do on Thanksgiving. After eating, we took a ride all over the farm to show Gavin the property lines so he was prepared for an upcoming hunting trip. I wish I would have taken my camera! They didn't cut the hay this year, which made the land even more beautiful! When we returned home, we headed to Gavin's Granny's house for supper with his dad's side of the family. Gavin's sister and her boyfriend cooked an awesome ham along with some other goodies and Gavin's dad played chef as well. We had a great time spending time with family. Unfortunately, I was not able to see my dad's side of the family, but we always get together at Christmas. We also didn't get to see Gavin's mom side of the family, but they have a huge Christmas celebration at their house each year.Berkley ate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of spaghetti. It's the only thing she wanted. There wasn't any spaghetti sauce, so Gavin thought he'd whip up some sauce with some Ketchup. I warned him that it probably wouldn't work, but he insisted "Brittaney, she's only 4!" Berkley took one bite, and said "Mama, I don't like this sauce. I can't eat it." Needless to say, Gavin had to get the Prego!Gavin's little brother, Warren, played us some tunes. Gavin has been teaching him how to play the guitar, and he has really caught on. I think he knows about 8 full songs now. Shhh... he's getting an electric guitar from Santa this year.The Graf kids with their Grandaddy. This was the best one I had, considering they're all Graf's and can't bare to be serious for too long!Berkley beating Warren up.Berkley with her dog, Dottie. She is an Apple-headed Chihuahua.I think Gavin may be a little intimidated by Dottie's size.

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