Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dirty Santa

Saturday Beth and Brett had a group of us over for dinner and a game of Dirty Santa.We were able to meet Sawyer for the first time.
And see sweet baby Deacon.And Daisy.
Then, it was time to get down to business and play a little Dirty Santa.Gene got a much needed bottle of perfume. He could barely contain himself!Holly got a fountain of some sort. Apparently, it was hilarious.Brett picked a electric adapter for his car.
Gavin got a Snuggie.I got a blanket.Beth stole Gavin's Snuggie.Shea got a box full of different types of chocolate.Jeremiah was so excited about his scented candle that he had to show it off.Margaret loved her rock garden.And Cliff stole the Snuggie from Beth. He was very excited.

Then, we took a few group pictures (minus Margaret) and hung out a little longer.
While some decided to hit the hay.Beth and Brett were wonderful hosts and we had a great time with everyone!

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