Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hook 'Em Horns!


With the National Championship impending, I have to let out a "Hook 'em Horns!" for Texas. People say that because I am from Alabama I should at least pull for the SEC, but I can't help but pull for whoever Alabama is against. I'm attributing my "anti-Tide" to my parents. Having one parent that is an Auburn fan and one that is an Alabama fan, I have always had no choice but to choose. So I have always chose the right one- Auburn! With that being said, I sit here in my Texas Orange and type this message and leave you with this prayer:
Dear God,
Thank you that my mother went to Auburn and taught me to love and treasure the Auburn family. Thank you for letting me fall in love with Gavin, who is just as much of an Auburn fan as I am. And please, Lord, if the power has to go out in our state tonight due to severe weather (that you alone control) please let it happen during the National Championship game. The thought of Bama fans state-wide being unable to watch this game due to a weather related power outage is almost too hilarious for me to bear.


  1. Your prayer is hilarious!

  2. Mean prayer! I see God did not grant your wish! He's cool like that! :) And just 'cause you pulled for Texas...ROLL TIDE! #13 feels pretty nice. ;)



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