Sunday, January 3, 2010


Since moving into our house 3 years ago, we have made a lot of changes. Nothing was wrong with the house to begin with, but it just wasn't "us." Before our furniture was even delivered (what little furniture we had at the time... think 1 bedroom apartment meets 3 bedroom house), I focused on the large task of having the entire house repainted. This might not seem like that large of a task to you, but the circumstances are what made it large- we got our keys on a Friday and our furniture was being delivered that Saturday morning (less than 24 hours)! Plus we planned on painting the house ourselves, which also included removing wall paper from the kitchen and bathrooms. By the time the furniture was delivered we had most of the rooms painted, with the exception of 1 guest room and the guest bath.
The first year we lived in our house we focused on buying furniture. Then, the first summer I was out of school I decided to work on the guest bathroom. It was a horrible burnt orange color with a console sink and laminated flooring. My idea- paint it black and white. What started out as a small paint job with lots of Kilz, soon turned into one hot mess! I decided to remove the back splash off of the wall, which resulted in my pulling the entire console off of the wall (I had no idea I was so strong)! Gavin came home from work to find me staring at my "project" and quickly reminded me that we were hosting a shower at our house in 3 days. It was time to get to work. I soon realized that my removing the console from the wall also meant that the flooring had to be redone because there was no laminate where the console had been. This was becoming a mighty big project! Gavin and I quickly visited the Home Depot and bought a pedestal sink, new lighting, mirror, and some tile for the floor. The next day while Gavin was at work, I enlisted the help of my wonderfully talented friend Monica. We spent the whole day sanding and prepping the walls to be painted white. The next day, we painted the walls white and began painting black swirls on the wall. That night I decided that a pop of color had to be added. I sat on Gavin's shoulders and painted the ceiling lime green, which matched one of the guest bedrooms. Gavin tiled the floor and put in the sink. After a lot of work, we were finished! It's amazing that we completed this project in 3 days!Sadly, this has been my favorite room in our house ever since! It is truly my work of art. I wish I could rip it out and take it with us when we finally decide to move.
The renovations have continued since we have lived here. The following spring we cleared out most of the woods in our back yard. A few months later, we built a privacy fence. A week before our Halloween party 2 years ago, we tiled our entire house excluding the bedrooms (I work well under pressure). Later we repainted the living room to match all of our wedding photos. We rearranged and added shelves to our laundry room. We finally changed the other guest rooms color from a horrible bubble gum pink to a light aqua color. The last thing on our agenda- the kitchen. This was our summer plan, until our house got broken into. Then, we spent all of our kitchen money replacing our stolen property, front door, and repairing the damage. Well, we are finally moved onto the kitchen. If I could, I'd rip the entire thing apart and start over, but that's not gonna happen. So I'm settling for a little bit at a time. We've already added a microwave over the stove and a new fridge, but we have bigger problems. We'll also be replacing the dishwasher because all the one we have does now it take up space. The main thing I hate are the counter tops- a horrible maroon color that matches nothing else in our house. I also despise the standard "cheapest you got" cabinetry. So, let the renovations begin. Here is our kitchen now:Check out the sweet gold pulls.Please don't look at the table. It's basically become our junk table. We usually eat at the dining room table.I hope to show you big changes from this little room in our house. I still plan on keeping the wall color- it's unusual, but I like it. The cabinets will be the main change. This could take a while folks- we're working on a limited budget and doing the work ourselves- so stay tuned!

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