Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Road Trip: Busch Gardens

*Warning- this post contains only iPhone pictures!*
We spent our second day in Williamsburg at Busch Gardens.  We woke up bright and early, grabbed breakfast, and headed to the park.  First, we had to make sure we were tall enough for the rides...

Then we immediately headed to this...

It's called the Griffon and it's the tallest, fastest roller coaster around.  See that drop?  It's a 205 foot drop at 90 degrees.  It was awesome!!!

And the best thing about it?  The cars are so big and carry so many people, that you hardly have any wait time for riding the ride!
After the Griffon, we jumped on a few more roller coasters like this one...

But then, Gavin got sick so we had to take a break.  We grabbed some drinks and hunted down the water rides.  Gavin wasn't in the mood for much, so we found one that looked pretty low-key.  People weren't even getting wet as we watched them ride.  Gavin was a little apprehensive, but he got on anyway.  As we were ending the ride, I turned to Gavin and said "See, we didn't even get wet."  Two seconds after the words left my mouth, Gavin was shot directly in the face by a water cannon.  Oops!  I wish I had a picture of Gavin's face.  Exiting the ride, Gavin said we had to find the cannons.  So, we did...

And although these people probably weren't the ones who shot Gavin, he definiately got his revenge!
We spent the rest of the day riding rides and experiencing the park...

After being in the park for a few hours and riding every. single. ride., we headed to Washington D.C. early.  More about that later!

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