Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tiger Walk

Saturday we headed to Auburn for a little tailgating fun.  Although we didn't have tickets to the game, I was especially excited because my friends Jessica and Krista were in town for the game.  After getting settled at our tailgate spot and eating lunch, I called Jess so we could meet up.  She told me that they were at the ampitheatre, so we started to walk their way.  When we were almost there, she called to say they were heading to Tiger Walk and to meet them there.  Now, I've been to Tiger Walk many times, but Saturday it was absurd.  I have never seen so many people there!  Miraculously, we found Jessica and Krista and settled in to watch.  Before it started, I realized I had left my camera in the car.  What was I thinking?  Wait... I had an idea.  I turned to Gavin and the conversation went something like this:
Me: "I forgot my camera!"
Gavin: "OK"
Me: "Well, I'm gonna have to use my phone."
Gavin: "OK"
Me: "But I can hardly see!"
Gavin: "Move closer."
Me: "But there's too many people!  You should put me on your shoulders!"
Gavin: *laughs*
Me: "Please put me on your shoulders!"
Gavin: "I'm not putting your big butt on my shoulders!"
(Please don't be alarmed.  He was being sarcastic- I think.)
Me: "Please Gavin!  I need to take some pictures and I can't see!"
Gavin: "Um, no."
Meanwhile, Brett picks Beth up and puts her on his shoulders.
Me: "Are you kidding me?  Pick me up!  Brett just picked Beth up."
Gavin: *moan, groan, whine* "Get on."
Me: "YAY!!!" I swear I was that happy.

After a few minutes, the crowd started going wild.  And we all know why.

Why is everyone holding up "2's?"  Oh you know!

"Cam!  Cam!  You're awesome!"

"Chizik!  I you're the man!"

Notice Krista and Jess at the bottom of the previous shot. I'm pretty sure we were being so loud that we became their entertainment.  But, it's ok.  Because I was on Gavin's shoulders.  And I got some pictures!  Thanks Gavin.  Me love you long time.

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