Friday, March 4, 2011


Do you ever feel lost?  I'm feeling it now.  I've been questioning God a lot lately.  I don't doubt him, but I question his reasoning- his plan.  What is his plan for me?  Why will he not let me catch a glimpse of this plan, but instead leaves me wondering?  I feel ashamed that I question him.  Is it wrong?  I mean, I'm so grateful for the things he has given me- a loving husband, a wonderful family, great friends, a nice house, a good job.  But, still I'm left in this funk.  What is my purpose?  Am I supposed to be here or somewhere else?  Am I meant to do something else?  What is it?  I feel like I'm supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else.  But I'm not unhappy with where I am and what I'm doing.  I feel stuck.  Like I'm just here.  Like I have no purpose.  But God has a purpose for everyone.  So what is mine?


  1. I have certainly had times like this. And I don't really know the answer. Other than continue to pray. God may answer in a month or two years. His timeline is never the same as ours. And it's hard for us to remember He knows the beginning, middle and end of each story when we can only see the "right now". Keep the faith and keep your eyes open. God might being using this down time (a.k.a. confused time) to lay the ground work for something bigger.

  2. It's not wrong to question. I think everyone does. And I think everyone has periods of doubt when in pain. It's the end result that's important, where your faith lies at the end of the question or doubt.

    I don't think we're necessarily supposed to be headed where we're going until we start moving or after we get there. I mean, come on, I'm in Cleveland. Really? At least 500mi from my family. If there's a plan that included this as a detour (or a planned stop) I certainly am not privvy to the info.

    We just have to remain Present in our lives & be thankful for what we are given & enjoy the journey. You're totally justified in where you're at & how you're feeling, as long as you have Faith that you'll get through it....that's all that matters.

    It'll happen. Whatever It is, we just don't know yet...but one way or the other....It will.

  3. We are reading Psalm 25 in church which addresses how you are feeling. I have also learned that sometimes the journey is the lesson not the outcome. Here are some notes I took last sunday:

    *Experience God through decision and doubt. Trust in God first and obsticales are what you see when you take your eyes of God.

    *Experience God through conviction and confession.

    We are continuing our lesson today. I will let you know what else I learn. I will pray for your "answer or hint" as well.

  4. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. I definitely let the devil get ahold of me last week. I'm hoping this week will be better.

    Jess- I look forward to hearing what else you learned in Sunday school. Especially since we missed our own class yesterday due to me having my 3rd migraine in a month.

  5. The third and fourth ways to experience God in the hard places are:

    Through fear and friendship.
    When you fear God it is worse than fearing anything else, but fearing God is the foundations of your friendship. God reveals himself to those who fear him.

    (Our pastor discussed how a parent should be a parent first then their child's friend. Just as how we should fear God before we are friends with him. This part of the lesson what hard for me to grasp but I relate it to respecting God.)

    The fourth way to experience God in a hard place is through prayer and petition. There are three ways to pray:

    1. with cander-be transparent and tell God how you really and truly feel.

    2. with clarity-tell God exactly what you want, this is your petition, be specific.

    3. with confidence-Psalm 25:21

    God enjoys providing for us, just as we enjoy providing for our families and friends.

    I pray you have a better week! Miss you and my kiddos!

    For your migraine see if you can get a prescription for Cambia. That stuff is MAGIC! I have a parent who is a nurse and gives me samples from her office. The second I feel a migraine coming you take it (it is in powder form for quick relief) and with in 5-10 min it is gone! Completely gone!

  6. Thanks again Jess! And I'll talk to the doctor about Cambia. He gave me something else that has not worked at all. Maybe the Cambia will!



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