Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Letters

Dear Gavin, hopefully you've learned your lesson about waking me up at five o'clock on my last day of summer. Enjoy your new bank card with baby chickens on it. It should be a good conversation starter. Dear Monica, thanks for the fun beach trip. I needed to sing 80s music extremely loud while playing the air drums and laugh until my sides hurt. And although your suggestion to use diaper cream to eliminate my sunburn didn't work as planned, it made for a good laugh when it didn't come off. Dear new dishwasher, I am so excited you have finally arrived! I have been waiting a really long time for you and can't wait to "give you a spin." Dear First Day of School, be good to me. 5th grade scares me.

What are some pranks you have played on your loved ones? Gavin begged me to order him a new bank card after his last one broke, so I did. I ordered him one with baby chickens on it (I looked for kittens, but couldn't find one.)

1 comment:

  1. Baby chickens! I know he'll feel cool using that card!!



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