Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waiting v. Giving Up

The other day, I saw this on pinterest and thought "wow, that's so true."  I can definitely relate to this in my life right now.  We've tried for so long to have a child and I know it will happen in God's time.  But it's so hard to wait.  But just as this quote says, it's even harder to give up.  I'm not going to lie, I did temporarily give up.  Everything that happened in July was so hard on us, I still can't fathom the idea of going through it again.  But I also realize that it's not something I can just give up on because my want for a child is too strong to give up on.  I'm not sure what the next step is for us and I know I'm nowhere near ready to start fertility treatments again (if ever at all). So right now, we're just kinda stuck in the middle.  I guess we're just waiting on God right now and hoping that something will happen.


  1. I'll keep the faith for you, girl. :)

  2. I'll keep the faith for you, girl. :)



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