Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Letters

Dear Gavin, yesterday morning you made the bed before I could get to it for the first time in 6 years.  Can I get a hallelujah?!  Dear Photobooth, what could possibly be more fun than dressing up like a fool for some pictures at a wedding?  Thanks for the entertainment!  Dear home buyers, please buy our house.  We're ready to move. Dear Facebook, after 40 days of not visiting you I've come to realize that you're not as important as I have made you out to be.  Here's to our visits becoming fewer and farther between!

Have you ever given up Facebook?  If so, did it change your outlook on what you use it for?  I'm pretty sure the only thing I'll use it for now is to keep up with my pictures and keep in touch with a few friends.


  1. You gave up Facebook for 40 days? Good for you! I haven't given it up, but certainly goes a day or two without logging on. And as much as I like Pinterest, I go weeks without logging on. Not sure if I've lost interest or just don't have time.

    Good luck with the sale of your house. I would tell you about ours, but I shan't discourage you! But we do have great renters, so it's working for now and we'll try the market again next year.

  2. Yes, I gave it up for Lent. Pinterest became my go-to site during those 40 days, but I still didn't get on it everyday. It's one of those sites I'll go to if I'm bored. But I still love it!

    Definitely don't discourage me with the house stuff! I'm already getting discouraged and it's only been on the market a week. I'm just ready to start building!



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