Sunday, September 20, 2009

West Virginia Game

This Saturday we went to Auburn for the West Virginia game. We tailgated in our old spot with the people we've been tailgating with for years. After a rowdy ride with all of our fellow tailgaters, and a few busted toes (I have no idea how, but when we were on the ride to the game, I realized that I had bloody toes), we arrived at the game. As soon as we were in line to enter the stadium, the sky began to fall. I have never stood in so much rain! Once we entered Jordan-Hare and bought some ponchos, we were ready for some football. But because it was not only raining, it was lightening and thundering, we were forced to stand in the tunnel and wait the storm out. An hour later, the storm let up and it was really time for football. We made it to our seats and enjoyed one of the best games that the Auburn Tigers have played in a while!
Beth and I tailgating. Her mom was nice enough to watch Deacon so that her and Brett could come enjoy the game.
Other Beth (Parkman) came by to visit. She's not an Auburn fan, but Drew drags her to a game every once in a while. Maybe one day she'll convert!

Kinda blurry, but this was so funny. Beth was dancing with the guys in the Auburn van. These guys are something serious. They are on the same corner for every game. And they're van has the most Auburn decorations I have ever seen! There's even a tiger on top of the van!

Gavin and I waiting the rain out in the tunnel.

Finally ready to see some football!

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  1. Had fun seeing y'all! I told Drew I am a GREAT wife for enduring the storm to watch his team! Thankfully we ducked into the baseball stadium about 30 seconds before the bottom fell out and we stayed pretty dry considering the monsoon!



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