Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snacks and Such

Hello Friends! How was your long weekend? Ours was great. In fact, I'd like to request that all weekends last for a minimum of three days. Does that sound good to you?
Friday night a group of us went downtown to Flip Flops to listed to Gavin play guitar with Pistol Town. Before we headed downtown, a few of us had drinks at our house.We had a lot of fun and probably stayed out a little late, but that's okay when you're having fun, right?
In other news, the last time Gavin and I went grocery shopping we forgot something important- snacks. Usually by the time I get home from work I am starving and have to snack on something before dinner. This was especially true today, so I was very disappointed to come home to no snacks. I really wanted something sweet, so I decided to make a little something...
What? Iced sugar cookies, cheesecake, and fruit salad aren't a little something? Okay, so I made a lot of something, but at least we will have snacks for a while!
Hasn't the weather has been beautiful the past few days? It makes me ready for spring time. I have made it a point to get out since it's been so nice. Maisy has made it a point to enjoy a little sunbathing...

Anyway, hope your week is off to a great start. I know that a Monday off sure helped mine!


  1. Oh to be a school-teacher, as I was working Monday. Great picture of Maisy, by the way. Gavin the rock star. Oh, and while you've been experiencing great weather, we had 4 days of Alabama soup-fog (causing delays and advisories and all sorts of mayhem) and some freezing soup fog (which coats everything in this slight wet-looking sheen of ice that makes for some FUNNY situations) and just general gray-ness. So why aren't I moving to Alabama???? Urg. Bring on spring up here too.

  2. Allison, you should definately go ahead and move to Alabama. I can't stand cold, yucky weather and would be quite happy if it never came back!



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