Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hockey, Snow, and Prayers

This has been a busy week! I feel like I haven't stopped since we returned home from Atlanta Sunday night. I am definately going to enjoy this long weekend by resting a lot!
Tuesday, our school went on a field trip to the Cottonmouths game. The kids loved it and I always enjoy a good field trip!Gavin was nice enough to help chaperone. Who am I kidding- Gavin pass up a hockey game? Yeah, right!
I've also been working on these this week:
I decided to experiment with these onesies, and they turned out pretty good. I think this is going to be my gift of choice for all of my friends' kids.
In other news, my long weekend was made even longer by this:
That's right- snow! It started snowing Friday morning, so we were dismissed from school at 12:30. I rushed home to throw on my snow clothes and play.
The dogs were too funny in the snow. Maddie kept grunting and growling at us for making her stay out in it.
But, Maisy absolutely loved it!
Wait- was there an extra dog in that picture? Yes, we are also dog sitting Daisy for Beth and Brett this week while they are at Disney World.
After the dogs had had enough, we headed to Auburn to play in the snow with some friends. Unfortunately, my little camera died before all of the sledding began. But, I did get some pictures and video with my phone. After sledding, we headed back to Kim and Ward's to pick up my Canon. We decided to go to Samford Hall for some more pictures.
I have enjoyed the snow, but am glad it is starting to melt. I'm definately ready for warmer weather!
Now for the prayers. One of our student's father was shot and killed Tuesday afternoon. We were notified of this on the way back from the field trip. A few of us stayed with him at the school Tuesday afternoon until 5:30 when someone was able to pick him up. He hasn't returned to school and no arrangements have been made because the police are still investigating the incident. He is such a good kid and I hate that this is happening to his family. So, will you please pray for him and his family? That God will wrap his arms around them and comfort them through this difficult time? It would mean the world to me.


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