Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break Kick-Off

A few months ago Beth and I made plans to spend the weekend between our pring breaks at the beach. I decided to take a personal day so it wouldn't be such a short trip. Soon after we made plans, Gene and Shea decided they would join us, and shortly after that, Beth's parents decided to come down too. Thursday, after work, Beth, Deacon, Gavin and I made our way to Panama City Beach. Brett wasn't able to get off of work, so he decided to ride down with Gene and Shea on Friday. We arrived late Thursday night, but woke up bright and early Friday morning to beautiful skies. After breakfast at Flower Power (if you've never been, you must go), we headed to the beach! Deacon was absolutely precious on the beach. He just sat, played, and enjoyed the sun with us. I think he and Gavin may have buddied up a little bit. Gavin said "Us guys have to stick together." Everyone else arrived late Friday night. Saturday morning they guys left to go fishing while the girls and Deacon headed back to Flower Power (have I mentioned how amazing their food is?) and to the beach.
How cute is Deacon's hair?
And Lilli's bikini was adorable as well. Why can't grown women pull off ruffles like the little ones? I guess they'd look a little absurd. Lilli made herself comfy in my chair so I had to take a picture.
The boys came back from fishing late Saturday afternoon. They caught over 40 fish, but most were red snapper so they had to be thrown back. I'm pretty sure they're not the only ones that are unhappy about snapper season starting later than usual. Saturday night we decided to stay in and grill out. While the guys were cooking, the girls and kids (and Brett) enjoyed the sunset. The perfect end to the perfect day! We all agreed that we should spend Sunday at the beach and leave late Sunday night. I'm glad our plans worked out because, as usual, the day you leave is always the prettiest. We headed out to the beach early to jump start the day.
Gavin and Lilli spent the morning burying each other in the sand. Then, they dug a hole for Deacon to sit in.
Of course, all good things must come to an end. Beth had to be back at work this morning, so we had to head back. We enjoyed our ride back and Deacon enjoyed his first taste of gummy worms. I'm pretty sure he liked them!
Lucky for me, my spring break is just getting started. Gavin and I will be heading down to Orange Beach in a couple of days to enjoy the rest of my break. My cousin, Allison, will also be down, so I'm looking forward to visiting with her!



  1. YAY for beach! The picture of Brett & Deacon is probably one of the most precious things I've seen in awhile. They need that thing framed! Gavin didn't do too bad with Deacon either & you just got some great shots!

    I so can't wait to leave. The weather here's pretty great lately & my flowers are going nuts, but I need some salt water & sand!! I also need to see mom with my own two eyes & just not stress myself stupid for a day (or two).

    ENJOY the rest of your break & I'll see you Friday (hopefully)! There's another couple of our friends from up here that will be in town - HILARIOUS people. Gavin might be amazed by Derreck - he's all covered in tattoos & just not so southern at all - but we have pretty similar personalities so I think you'll enjoy them. Here's to an overnight drive on Thursday & a hair appointment on Friday!

  2. The beach pictures are great and makes me to be there NOW! Thank goodness we are leaving tomorrow for PCB. I need a break from this crazy place (work) ASAP! Enjoy the rest of your spring break. :)

  3. So much fun... My little ones love the beach also except that one is scared of the ocean and the other one loves it (they are twins)...
    Dig the Hair though.



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