Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day on The Farm

Did you know I have a farm? Well, not really me, but my family? We don't get down there much and I'm really just learning to appreciate the isolation. We headed to the farm this Sunday to spend Mother's Day with my Grandmother. The weather was great and we enjoyed exploring the place a little more than usual.This is the view from the cabin on our farm. The pond is just beautiful! After lunch, we decided to take a drive over to the barn and check out all of the old stuff in and around it. This old cemetary is in front of the barn. I thought it was so cool when I was younger. My Granddaddy used to tell me the story about how this cemetary came to be. But, I'll save that for another post. There are many of these in and around the barn... Here's the barn. Old, I know. But it has character!This old car was (is) mine when I was little. I would spend hours riding on this thing! I hope that one day my kids will be able to cruise around in it.
It's a little hidden, but this was my John Deere too. How perfect will this be for a little boy?Another tractor- this ones pretty old...
My mom said that my Granddaddy hauled hay on this old truck. She said she loved to ride on the hay bails when he was hauling them.I wish we could fix this old truck up, but I'm thinkin' it's a little rusty!
My Granddaddy carved this in the table outside of the cabin when he was making it. My cousins initials are on the other side. He did it so we wouldn't fight over a certain spot while sitting outside. Sadly, we did that sort of thing. My little cousin was more like my little brother, and boy did we fight! I loved to beat up on him. I know, right? Hard to believe, seeing how I'm so nice and all now!
I have more pictures- boy, do I have more! But, I'll spare you and save them for another post!

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