Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Day on The Farm (Part 2)

As I posted earlier, Sunday we spent the day at our family farm. We relaxed some, but spent most of the day exploring.
After we looked through the barn, we headed back to the cabin. The cows were there to greet us as we pulled up.

What are you looking at?

Gavin was walking around the pond and got the itch to go fishing. The only pole what was already rigged up was mine when I was little. He looked hilarious with that little pole!

But, it seemed to do the job. Not long after casting, he caught a fish!
And gave it a kiss for good luck!
After he caught a few fish, I decided it was my turn.
It didn't take long before I caught a fish. I'm pretty sure my face says it all...
Later, we went to pick strawberries...
The looked delicious, and we soon found out that they tasted great too!
Gavin was super excited about his strawberries! He was ready to make some jam.
We each had a basket, and before mine or Gavin's was half full, my mom's was overflowing! She was working hard!
We had a great Mother's Day at the farm. It was beautiful and relaxing! We left with 15 pounds of strawberries too! I'll have to do another post on what we did with all of those berries!


  1. Yum! The strawberries look so good. Hope you made something tasty. :)

  2. yummy luv strawberries, it looks good
    XD i really enjoyed the pics especially Num.4&6



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