Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Out of My Element

On Sunday, Gavin and I headed up to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for a little NASCAR racing.  He won tickets and pit passes from AFLAC and, after a little coaxing, I decided I'd join him.  Needless to say, I was totally out of my element.  I mean- these people are die hard!  I had no idea how expensive races were.  The total value of our winnings came out to be $400!  But these people pay it!  And pay for pit passes.  And pay for garage passes.  And pay for a "appropriate" attire in some cases (oh, and how I wish I had some pictures of some peoples' attire).  We started the afternoon by browsing the parking lot and came upon this...

Then we headed to the pits, which were literally the pits.  It's hot on that asphalt!

After checking everything out, we headed to our seats for the race.

Although we are not big race fans, Gavin seems to keep up with it some.  And one thing I know is that Gavin does not like Jeff Gordon, so when I saw him taking a picture of Gordon's car I had to ask why.  He was taking a picture because Gordon's daughter designed his car for the race.  I thought that was a pretty cute idea!

While I was trying to take a few pictures, this occurred...

And 'ole Elliott was knocked out of the race...

Surprisingly enough, I ended up hanging in there through the interesting fans and loud cars to see the end.  Tony Stewart won, and apparently the race fans like him, so that's a good thing.

So, that's one more thing to check off my bucket list.  Not that it was necessarily on my bucket list.

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