Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sports Galore!

This weekend was filled with sports and that theme will continue throughout the week.  In case you've been out of the loop for the past week or so, let me fill you in- college football has begun!  We spent Saturday morning on location filming a commercial that Gavin is staring in, but quickly headed to Auburn once the set wrapped.  I was ready to tailgate and had everything packed up including my camera.  I just forgot one small, important thing- the battery!  So, it was just me and my little ole iPhone for the trip.
We enjoyed tailgating with Kim and Ward this week since our normal crew was absent. 

On the walk to the game, the Auburn Sports Network guys asked Gavin and Ward for a little commentary on this year's team.  As you can tell, the were more that happy to oblige...

And if you really bought that, you should come around more often so you'll understand what it sounds like when I'm kidding!
So, I'm sure you're wondering why this post is called Sports Galore and not just something about football.  Well, that would be because the Man Fest continued Sunday with a trip to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for some good ole NASCAR racing.  But, I'll have to do a separate post on that.  And why might I say that the Man Fest will continue throughout the week?  Because we're headed to watch the Braves play on Friday, that's why!  So stay tuned for updates!

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