Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Have This Joke

Well, it's not really a joke.  Here's the story...
In case you didn't know, we are very close to our friend's Beth and Brett's family.  We consider them our family as well.  Every Sunday after church, we all gather at one of our houses for lunch.  Most of the time, it's Beth's parent's house.  Well, Sabra (Beth's mom) has these pants that her sister, Suze, gave her as a gag gift for Christmas.  They are... indescribable.  Anyway, one day Gavin insisted on modeling these pants for us after lunch.  Now keep in mind- these are women's pants.  So Gavin put the pants on and we all laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes.  Since that Sunday, Gavin has put the pants on everytime we go to Beth's parents.  Mainly to model them for a family member who has not seen them yet.  Well, this past Sunday (Easter) the whole family was together and there were many questions about the pants and their whereabouts.  While we were out hiding eggs for the kids, Gavin was inside getting into trouble.  Before we knew it...

Oh yeah! There's the pants!

 They're so big, he has to poke his belly out to hold them up!

He was quick to join in on the hunting fun!

And model the pants!  So that's our joke.  Hope you enjoyed.  Maybe you'll get another peek at the pants in a few more weeks!

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