Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Bestie!

It's this girl right here's birthday...
And since she's the bestest friend I could possibly ask for, I have to give a shout out.  So...
Happy Birthday Beth!
Thanks for being born.  For if you were not, I would be quite lonely.  Here's just a few reasons you're a cool friend:
-You are fun to be around.
-You listen to my rants and tolerate my mood swings.
-You make me laugh and laugh at me.
-You share my love of all things summer.
-Since you're a teacher too, we get to do lots of fun summery things during the summer.
-You are the woman version of Gavin, which can be scary.
-You know how to have a good time.
-Your cute kid loves me and gives me kisses.
-You are like a sister to me.
... and many, many more!
Basically- you da best!
Now, can we quit getting old?  The down slope of our 20's is beginning to get a little scary!

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