Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Letters

Dear "Schmedium," just when I think your done making me laugh for the day, you post something new on your facebook. Seriously?! Hih. Lare. E. Us. Dear Cardiac Kids (also known as the Auburn football team), you stepped it up a bit this weekend, but your close calls are not appreciated. Let's kick it up a notch against Clemson, okay? Dear 'Peppers, when we hang out I eat too much. Breakfast casserole, filet, mac n' cheese, drunken' chicken, and pizza within 8 hours is a big no no. Dear weekend, why you move so fast? I'm voting for you to become a 3 day event from now on.

With football season in full swing, there's never a shortage of good food. What's your favorite tailgate food? I'd have to say mine is anything barbecued. The epitome of health, right?

1 comment:

  1. I saw Gavin's post and laughed. I bet you do a lot of laughing!! And I'm ready to sign a petition for a 3-day weekend whenever you get it drawn up. :)



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