Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Day on the Plains

Saturday we spent the day tailgating in Auburn for the Auburn/Florida game.  It was a beautiful day out and I was excited to tailgate for the first time this season.

We arrived at our spot around noon and the boys immediately started cooking.  Wings and fries was the first meal of the day.  Beth, Deacon, and I headed to some of our favorite stores in Auburn for a little shopping while the boys manned the friers and coolers.  When we arrived back it was time to eat!

The boys played a little football and then it was back to cooking. Our 2nd round of deliciousness was a low country boil.  Acutally two low country boils, one for Gavin and Brett without shrimp (both of them are allergic), and one with shrimp for the rest of us.
About an hour and a half before game time Gavin and Deacon set up post to yell "War Eagle!" to the fans that were headed to the game.  For the record, Deacon yelling War Eagle to everyone = cutest thing ever!
Thirty minutes before the game we headed over to Matt and Monica's house to watch the game.  Since it was a late game, Beth and Brett headed home during halftime to put Deacon to bed.  The rest of us stayed put to cheer our tigers on to victory.  Some of the boys were a little too excited about the W...
And at the end of the night all was right on the plains!

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