Friday, December 9, 2011

The Great Christmas Card Debate

So, Gavin and I can't decide on what picture we should use for this year's Christmas card.  Let me rephrase that. We can't decide which picture to use for our "serious" Christmas card this year.  We have a funny Christmas card that only people who get us will get.  We know what picture to use for it, without a doubt.  But the other one we are struggling with.  So here's some of the pictures we took this year.  I need your opinion on which one we should use!

So, which one should it be?


  1. Hmm, I seem to be gravitating to the last two and I think my favorite is the one of you both standing with the dogs in front.

    Good luck choosing just one!

  2. I like the first one! I hope I get the funny one :)



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