Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Change is Coming

This is all I've been able to think about recently- change is coming.  This is our last week of our life being the "normal" that we've known for the past few years.  Everything we've known is about to change.  Let me back up...
After Gavin graduated from college, there was not a job opening in sight that worked with his degree.  The only job he could find was working construction.  He hung sheetrock before, so he took a job with the company his dad worked for hanging sheetrock.  Two weeks later his boss discovered he had a college degree, was bilingual, and could read prints.  Instant promotion.  He became the field engineer on the job.  So that's what he's been doing for the past few years.  However, the job was temporary and we knew that it was coming to an end (July 2012 to be exact).  He was offered to go to Colorado with the company after this job was over, but we knew that would be a stretch (although it would be pretty awesome to live in Colorado).  We also knew that this was a temporary job in the sense that this was not a career- not something that he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  It didn't offer benefits, retirement, or even paid sick days/vacation.
So while Gavin has been working this job for the past few years, he has also been applying for jobs in a field related to his college degree.  And last month he finally heard something back.  He was emailed about a phone interview, in which he would be one of 60 prospective hires.  By now we weren't really getting our hopes up (let's face it, we haven't had the best luck with life lately).  He was very nervous so as I left the house before his phone interview, I told him "Remember it's not the end of the world if you don't do well.  There are 59 other people.  Be yourself and you'll be awesome.  Good luck!"  When I returned home from grocery shopping he was still on the phone with the interviewers which we both took as a good sign.  They told him they'd let him know within the next few days.
Two days later he was called and asked to come in for a face-to-face interview after the new year.  He was one of their top 5!  We were both super excited, but still refused to get our hopes up.  We figured the other 4 would be tough to beat and also considered our luck lately.  I took his suit to the cleaners, helped him read up on the material they'd be discussing at the interview, and tried to be a supportive wife in general.  Two weeks ago he headed out for his interview and as he left I told him the same thing I had before his phone interview.  I might have added "You da bomb!" to it though.  And off he went.
After the interview he called and told me it went really well.  They asked him to shadow someone in the same field for the rest of the day, which we both took as another good sign.  He also told me that they were interviewing the last of the top 5 that afternoon and they were to let him know something by the end of the day.  Fast forward to the next day and he hadn't received a call.  I told him it was probably a tough decision for them and he'd probably receive a call later in the day.
Then, the call came at 6 that night while we were paying bills (fun, fun!).  He talked to the lady for half an hour.  When he got off the phone, he told me he was in the top 2 and had to go in to meet the director on Friday.  Although he hadn't gotten the job, his demeanor had changed.  He was much more confindent and hopeful than he had been.  I had a good feeling.
So Friday, shortly after his interview, I received a text saying he was offered the job.  And I immediately realized our life was about to change.  You see, this job isn't local.  It's about 90 minutes away.  That's a long commute.  We had loosely discussed our plans.  We knew that moving would be the only option that would work well for both of us.  So we're moving!
There's a lot of stuff we have to do before we can move.  The main one being sell our house here.  Which we haven't even put on the market yet.  Which we probably won't be able to do for a month.  But for now, we'll be in between.  Gavin starts his new job this Friday, so we're taking the camper to a place closer to his job.  He'll be living out of it until our house sells.  He'll come home on the weekends so we can get the house ready to sell.
As excited as we are that things are finally starting to fall into place, we're also a bit nervous for what's to come.  We have a long road ahead of us.  One thing we're definitely not looking forward to is spending some days and nights apart.  So prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Life's a changin' folks.  Ready or not.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Brittaney, that's great! Scary, of course, but so exciting! God sees the big picture, even if can't right now. But it sounds like a great opportunity for Gavin.

    You're right, there's a long road of getting things ready for the transisition, but it will all work out.

    Keep us posted and good luck!



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