Monday, January 30, 2012

Planning, Packing, and Home Improvements

We are emerging from a weekend of all of the above and I have to say- WHEW!  I'm exhausted.  Can I get another day off, please?  We've been doing a lot of packing over the past few weeks and I'm amazed by all of the junk we have.  I guess moving is a good time to clean out your closets (or your entire house), huh?
This weekend was our first weekend to really get some things accomplished because of the relentless rain that we've had for the past two weekends.  With Gavin gone during the week, the only time we can do anything is on the weekends.  So for the first time since all of this started, I feel a little accomplished.  And I have to say- my husband is the bomb.  I don't know of many people who can paint a bathroom and remodel a kitchen in two days.  Right now, he's king of the world to me.  Especially since I asked him what I could do to help and he told me to stay out of his way and go shop or something.  Can do, my friend, can do.
I bet you're wondering why the heck I'd go shopping in the middle of home improvements, huh?  Let's just say I didn't go on your average shopping trip.  I went to buy stuff for the house.  Stuff like a new oven because it's the only appliance we haven't updated since we've lived in our house.  So yeah, kinda fun, but not really.  Better than ripping out old counter tops and putting in new ones though, that's for sure.
Another positive on the weekend- I got to sleep in my own bed.  Hallelujah!  I haven't done that in two weeks and it was fantastic.  So although I'm exhausted from the weekend, I'm also feeling pretty good about it.  We got a lot accomplished and I got to sleep in my own bed.  That's good stuff.
And because a post isn't a post without a picture, I'll leave you with a picture of two of my faves watching TV.  Those two love some TV!

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