Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Letters

Dear Mr. Graf, at Jenna's wedding you doubted that pain that comes from wearing high heels.  But being the good sport that you are you traded shoes with me to gain the experience.  Shortly after, you went to the car to get my flippy flops.  Reason #621 that you da best!  Dear sweet friends, a weekend with you makes me laugh more than I do in an entire month!  This makes me miss you and cherish our fun times together even more.  Dear Beff, tomorrow you will officially be a mommy of two.  I can't wait to meet little Davis!  Dear mosquitoes, it's only April and you're already tormenting me and my sweet skin.  Lay off, why don't ya?

Do mosquitoes gravitate to you like I gravitate to bakeries?  What do you do to deter them?  I need some advice people!

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