Friday, June 11, 2010

Beack Week: Days 5-7

The day after our adventure to Seaside, Shea and Lilli joined us at the beach.

We were excited to have them join us, despite Deacon's face in the following picture...

We spent each day out on the beach or at the pool.  When she first arrived, Lilli was very sure that she would not be going in the ocean.  But after a little coaxing, you couldn't get her out!

And although Deacon had been in the water some, he still had some issues with it!

But he thoroughly enjoyed using my cooler as his walker.

Our last day on the beach, we got ready a little early to take some pictures of the kids on the beach.  I think they turned out pretty good...

We really had a great week and enjoyed every minute of being there.  Especially with the oil quickly approaching Panama City.  We have another trip planned for July 4th, and although we are sure the oil will have reached Panama City by then, we still plan on enjoying time with friends at the beach.  It just means we'll be frequenting the pool and arcades more!

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