Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach Week: Day 4

Since the boys left on Monday and Beth and I got a little too much sun on Days 1-3, we decided to have a little adventure on Tuesday.  After lunch and this little disaster...

we headed towards Destin.  We were supposed to be going to the outlet mall, but instead took a little detour to Seaside.  Beth had never been to Seaside and I kept telling her that my description didn't do the town justice, so to Seaside we went!

Of course, Beth automatically fell in love with the quaint little town and we never made it to Destin.  Instead we spent the day walking around the shops and eating Gelato (yum!).

Somehow taking a lot of pictures escaped my mind.  I did take a picture of these cute signs because I'm gonna have to make one of my own!

 We also went in this adorable store:

The only problem I had with the store were the hideous Alabama shirts on the left-hand side of my picture- YUCK!  Even Deacon had issues with seeing such a repulsive shirt so we quickly departed the store!

We took the scenic route home and passed through Alys Beach.  We quickly came up on a new neighborhood on the beach and just had to stop.  I mean, after all, our future houses were being built!



On the way back to the condo, we also came upon one of the greatest inventions of all time:

That's right folks, a drive thru convenience store!  It's called the "Brew Thru" and when we saw it, we bucked a U-turn to take a tour.

This nice guy, who we call the Brew Thru man came to our window and asked how he could help us.  We told him that we really only drove through to check it out, but offered to buy something cheap since he was so nice.  Koozies for everyone!

There were also plenty of beverages to choose from at the Brew Thru.

So, if you ever get the chance, you must check out the Brew Thru.  It's definitely a life changing experience!

I'll be back later to tell you about the last few days of our trip!


  1. We are headed down to Grayton Beach/Blue Mountain next week. We have to drive through Seaside to get to the grocery store. I can't wait to see all the pretty buildings! Also, I'm going to look for the Brew Thru. Quite the clever invention! :)

  2. Something just seems REALLY wrong about a drive-thru place where you can buy beer & other bad things....(Note: Can you buy beer in convenience stores in Florida?)

  3. Have fun Beth! If you're close to Watercolor there is an adorable children's boutique with reasonable prices called Little Red.
    Allison- you can buy beer at convenience stores in Florida. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with buying beer at a drive thru!;)

  4. That drive-thru convenience store is hilarious! I love it!



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