Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Vacay Part 1: Bye Bye Bobbies!

Last Thursday night we headed down to Panama City Beach for what we hope will become an annual 4th of July vacation.  We woke up early Friday morning to get an early start.  We spent most of the day at the beach.

And headed to the pool later.

But, the most important thing that we did on Friday was say "bye bye" to Lilli's "bobbies."

First, we gathered all of Lilli's bobbies to put in a bag.  Lilli gave her favorite pink bobby to Deacon.

Then, we all headed down to the beach.  You see, Shea had the brilliant idea to let Lilli give her bobbies to the mermaids in the ocean.  After a long talk, Lilli was very excited to let all of the baby mermaids have her bobbies.

One by one, Lilli threw her bobbies into the ocean.

She was pumped about all of attention she got since she was such a sweet girl!

(If you look close in the above picture, you'll notice that the bobbies quickly washed back onto the beach.  They were quickly gathered and hidden before Lilli could notice- thank you undertow!)

On the walk back to the condo, Gavin and Brett came up with this brilliant idea...

It took us two days to convince them that nobody took them seriously with the 'staches.

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