Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Vacay Part 2: Boys and Their Toys

Saturday we enjoyed another day at the beach.  We had a great time playing with the kiddos, and I think they enjoyed us too!

Saturday night, after dinner, we headed to one of the many arcades at the beach.  The plan?  A little go-cart derby fun, some games, and hopefully some prizes thrown in.

First stop: go- carts!  Shea and I sat with Deacon and watched the entertainment.

Lilli looked a little worried at the beginning, but she had a great time!

Then, the boys headed to play on the slick track.

Their faces were hilarious!  They were like kids in a candy store!

Next, we headed inside for some refreshments and games.  Gavin hit the jackpot!

Lilli was excited about all of the tickets we won her!

Lilli used her tickets for a bubble set, complete with bubbles and a bubble gun.  We still had some tickets left over, so the boys each got a sword.  And when I say boys, I mean Gavin, Brett, and Gene.

So the question is, what is it with boys and their toys?

I'm pretty sure my husband would trade me in for those swords!

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